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Cambridge, Massachusetts Municipal Election - Tuesday, November 5, 2013

RSSIn Cambridge's proportional representation (PR) elections, you may vote for as many candidates as you please, but you must rank your choices. Give a #1 rank to your top choice, a #2 rank to your next choice, etc. Ranking additional candidates will never hurt your top choice(s). If you assign the same rank to more than one candidate, none of those candidates will receive your vote. To prevent this, incorrectly cast ballots will be rejected and returned to you for correction. This way every vote will count as intended. Please read as much as you can about all of the candidates and make an informed choice. Election Day is Tuesday, November 5, 2013.

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Candidates for Cambridge City Council (25 candidates for 9 seats)

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Dennis Benzan, City Council candidate
Dennis Benzan

1 Pine St., 02139

Dennis Carlone, City Council candidate
Dennis Carlone

9 Washington Ave., 02140

Leland Cheung, City Council candidate
Leland Cheung

157 Garden St., 02138

Janneke House, City Council candidate
Janneke House

12 Hilliard St., 02138

Craig Kelley, City Council candidate
Craig A. Kelley

6 St. Gerard Terr., 02140

James Lee, City Council candidate
James Lee

400 Broadway, 02139

Logan Leslie, City Council candidate
Logan E. Leslie

204 Fayerweather St., 02138

David Maher, City Council candidate
David P. Maher

120 Appleton St., 02138

Nadeem Mazen, City Council candidate
Nadeem Mazen

73A Magazine St., 02139

Marc McGovern, City Council candidate
Marc C. McGovern

15 Pleasant St., 02139

Gary Mello, City Council candidate
Gary W. Mello

324 Franklin St., 02139

Mushtaque Mirza, City Council candidate
Mushtaque Mirza

843 Mass. Ave., 02139

Gregg Moree, City Council candidate
Gregg J. Moree

25 Fairfield St., 02140

Ron Peden, City Council candidate
Ron Peden

25 Aberdeen St., 02138

Lesley Phillips, City Council candidate
Lesley Phillips

1643 Cambridge St., 02138

Ken Reeves, City Council candidate
Kenneth E. Reeves

340 Harvard St., 02139

Sam Seidel, City Council candidate
Sam Seidel

381 Broadway, 02139

Denise Simmons, City Council candidate
E. Denise Simmons

188 Harvard St., 02139

Jefferson Smith, City Council candidate
Jefferson Smith

134 Tremont St., 02139

Tim Toomey, City Council candidate
Timothy J. Toomey, Jr.

88 Sixth St., 02141

Minka vanBeuzekom, City Council candidate
Minka Y. vanBeuzekom

20 Essex St., 02139

Luis Vasquez, City Council candidate
Luis Vasquez

23 Market St., 02139

Kristen von Hoffmann, City Council candidate
Kristen von Hoffmann

205 Walden St., 02140

James Williamson, City Council candidate
James M. Williamson

1000 Jackson Place, 02140

Elie Yarden, City Council candidate
Elie Yarden

143 Pleasant St., 02139

Recently updated: Gary Mello (Nov 3), James Williamson (Nov 3), Janneke House (Nov 3, video added), Elie Yarden (Nov 2), Jefferson Smith (Oct 31), Nadeem Mazen (Oct 30), Minka vanBeuzekom (Oct 30), Tim Toomey (Oct 25 - added endorsements; Oct 24 - video links added), James Lee (Oct 22), Dennis Carlone (Oct 17), Kristen von Hoffmann (Oct 12, email contact), Leland Cheung (Oct 7), Luis Vasquez (Oct 6), Mushtaque Mirza (Oct 3), Denise Simmons (Sept 28), CCTV video links added for Moree, Williamson, House, Smith, Reeves, Cheung, Leslie, McGovern, vanBeuzekom, Seidel (Sept 20); Logan Leslie (Sept 18), all City Council candidates with link to Cambridge Chronicle candidate profile (Sept 14)

Candidates for Cambridge School Committee (9 candidates for 6 seats)

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Fran Cronin, School Committee candidate
Fran Cronin

1 Kimball Lane, 02140

Fred Fantini, School Committee candidate
Alfred B. Fantini

4 Canal Park, 02141

Joyce Gerber, School Committee candidate
Joyce C. Gerber

10 Fairfield St., 02140

Richard Harding, School Committee candidate
Richard Harding, Jr.

187 Windsor St., 02139

John Holland
John J. Holland

26 Normandy Terr., 02138

Elechi Kadete, School Committee candidate
Elechi Kadete

10 Laurel St., 02139

Kathleen Kelly, School Committee candidate
Kathleen Kelly

17 Marie Ave., 02139

Patty Nolan, School Committee candidate
Patricia M. Nolan

184 Huron Ave., 02138

Mervan Osborne, School Committee candidate
Mervan F. Osborne

149 Auburn St., 02139
Recently updated: John Holland (Oct 30), Richard Harding (Oct 28), Patty Nolan (Oct 28), Kathleen Kelly (Oct 25), Elechi Kadete (Oct 21), Fran Cronin (Oct 21), Link to Cambridge Chronicle candidate profiles of all School Committee candidates except Harding (Oct 11), Mervan Osborne (Oct 6), Fred Fantini (Oct 4), Joyce Gerber (Oct 3), CCTV video links added for Kadete, Fantini, Gerber, Kelly, Nolan, John Holland (Sept 5)

2013 Campaign Event Listings and Candidate Forums

Official List of Candidates for the 2013 Cambridge Municipal Election (PDF, released Aug 19, 2013)

Voting by Proportional Representation (PDF derived from official City brochure)

Voting by Proportional Representation (HTML derived from official City brochure)

Voting by Proportional Representation (Flash version derived from official City brochure - click or grab corner to turn page)

Voting by Proportional Representation (rescaled Flash version derived from official City brochure - click or grab corner to turn page)

Supplemental notes on the Cambridge PR elections (modified Sept 7, 2013)

An example - 2003 City Council election graphs round-by-round (PDF)

Official 2013 Cambridge Municipal Election Calendar (and advice for candidates)

Mon, July 1:

Municipal Election Nomination Papers available at Election Commission office.

Nomination papers will be available through the Aug 1 submission deadline, but it is advisable that a candidate pick up papers early and get started collecting signatures. The process is an excellent way for a new candidates to "get their feet wet" and acclimate to the process of asking for support. ALL pages of your nomination papers must be notarized and there are a total of three sheets. You will also want to get a current database of registered voters. This is available from the Election Commission free of charge to any candidate who has pulled nomination papers. Voter history files and the street listing are also available.

Wed, July 31:

5:00pm deadline to submit nomination papers & statements of financial interest for candidates.

A minimum of 50 valid signatures must be filed and a candidate may submit up to 100 signatures. Once a voter's signature has been recorded for a particular candidate, it cannot be used for another candidate in the same race. That is, a voter should sign for exactly one candidate for City Council and one candidate for School Committee. Candidates should submit as many signatures as possible over the minimum of 50 because it is very likely that some signatures will not be certified. It is advisable that all signatures be checked against the voter registration list before submitting them. Candidates do not have to submit all their signatures at one time, and it is advisable that signatures be submitted as each sheet becomes full. The Election Commission staff traditionally checks signatures soon after they are submitted, so it is possible to know how many signatures have been tentatively certified in case it is necessary to obtain more signatures to reach the minimum of 50 certified signatures. Actual certification is only official when the Election Commission votes to approve them.

Wed, Aug 14: 5:00pm deadline for Election Commission to certify signatures on nomination papers.
Fri, Aug 16: 5:00pm deadline for municipal candidates to file withdrawal of nomination.
Wed, Oct 16: 8:00pm deadline to register to vote in municipal election. In person registration hours are 8:30am to 8:00pm at Election Commission office only. (Mail in registration must be postmarked by Oct 16).
Mon, Oct 28:

5:00pm deadline for School Committee candidates and Political Committees to file Municipal Campaign & Political Finance Reports. (City Council candidates should consult their OCPF packets regarding depository-filing requirements).

City Council candidates are required under state law to set up a depository account at a bank. The bank will report all deposits and expenditures directly to the state's Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF). School Committee candidates are not required to set up a depository account, but they must file a campaign finance report in mid-October and at the end of the year.

Fri, Nov 1: Election Commission will be open 8:30am to 5:00pm for over-the-counter absentee voting.
Sat, Nov 2: Election Commission office will be open 9:00am to 5:00pm for over-the-counter absentee voting.
Mon, Nov 4: Noontime (12:00pm) deadline to apply for absentee ballot, either for mail-in or over-the-counter voting.
Tues, Nov 5:

Municipal Election. Polls are open 7:00am until 8:00pm.
All absentee ballots (except Overseas Absentee Ballots) must arrive at the Election Commission office by 8:00pm to be counted. Ballot count begins at Senior Center, 806 Massachusetts Avenue, Central Square after the polls close. Overseas Absentee Ballots are due by 5:00pm on Friday, Nov 15, but must be postmarked by Nov 5.

Overseas Absentee Ballots and Provisional Ballots will be counted on Fri, Nov 15 at 5:00pm.

It is expected that the Election Commission will report preliminary election results Tuesday evening (Nov 5), but this tally does not include auxiliary ballots (write-in ballots and other ballots not yet counted for a variety of reasons). These will be scanned and tabulated on Wednesday. Unofficial election results are expected to be announced on Wednesday when all of the auxiliary ballots have been included. The official election results will not be complete until any overseas absentee ballots and provisional ballots have been included on Fri, Nov 15.

Wed, Nov 6: 9:00am-5:00pm. Ballot count resumes at Senior Center, 806 Massachusetts Avenue, Central Square.
Fri, Nov 15: Overseas Absentee Ballots and Provisional Ballots will be counted at 5:00pm.
Regular Election Commission Office Hours: (Unless otherwise indicated)  
Mondays: 8:30am to 8:00pm
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays: 8:30am to 5:00pm
Fridays: 8:30am to Noon
Holidays: The Election Commission will be closed for the following holidays:
Independence Day - Thursday, July 4
Labor Day - Monday, September 2
Columbus Day - Monday, October 14

Printable copy of 2013 Municipal Election Calendar

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