Nadeem Mazen

Nadeem Mazen
2013 Candidate for Cambridge City Council

Home address:
73A Magazine St. #203
Cambridge, MA 02139

Contact information:
Tel: 617-852-4638

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Nadeem Mazen for Cambridge City Council Committee
720 Massachusetts Ave. Ste. 8
Cambridge, MA 02139

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I'm running for City Council because I'm passionate about creating more efficient, more inclusive, and more imaginative government.

When I moved here over ten years ago, I was inspired by Cambridges incredible diversity in culture, thought, and opportunity. After graduating from MIT, I saw the potential to contribute: I opened two education-oriented businesses that provide community access to cutting-edge technology, services, and job training. danger!awesome and just celebrated their two-year anniversaries in Central Square.

As your City Councillor, I will champion the creative problem-solving that is long overdue in City Hall and as our city evolves, I promise to ensure our City Council evolves with it. Join us as we work to keep Cambridge fresh, innovative, and engaged.

Yours for Cambridge,
Nadeem Mazen

I am committed to:
Middle-Income Housing
Cambridge is developing faster than ever. I promise to stopthinkand balance the demand for additional housing with the need for affordable housing for all. Cambridge needs a Master Plan that outlines a future for healthy, responsible development. In particular: new development needs to ensure that Cambridge remains affordable for middle-income families, artists, entrepreneurs, and long-time residents.

Hands-On and Out-of-School Education
I created this open video letter to introduce my background as an educator and to share my thoughts and ideas for improving the educational experience for all our students. It's time for City Council to take a leadership role on educational issues, and I believe I have the experience to do so.

A New Model for Councillors
A City Councillor is a community organizer who leads by example. My background organizing for social justice has prepared me to lead a fundamental change in the way the City Councilor position is realized:

  • I promise to self-impose term limits. I wont be your City Councillor in six years. Instead, Ill work to usher myself out of office, drawing in the next generation of enthusiastic, energetic, and innovative leaders. Elected leaders must consider returning to community building, advising when called upon, and actively training our next generation of leaders after a focused period of service in office.
  • I will put at least 1/3 of my City Councillor salary towards real community organizing. City Councillors are public servants, and I pledge to put my dollars towards hiring leaders and organizers in our community to proactively represent residents interests.

Click here to read my letter to members of our arts & culture community.

Lastly, my CCTV Candidate Video:

Nadeem Mazen, Candidate for City Council from Cambridge Community Television on Vimeo.

Nadeem Mazen 2013 Candidate Profile - Cambridge Chronicle

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