Logan E. Leslie

Logan E. Leslie
2013 Candidate for Cambridge City Council

Home address:
204 Fayerweather Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Contact information:
Tel: 617-500-6636
website: http://loganleslie.com
e-mail: logan@loganleslie.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LoganLeslieForCambridge
Campaign manager: Eric Cervini (eric@loganleslie.com)

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Logan Leslie For Cambridge
PO Box 381761
Cambridge, MA 02238


I was raised in a small town in rural Connecticut by middle class small business owners who stressed the importance of tireless effort and community service. My father was asked by his country to serve in Vietnam, and he answered the call. Following in his footsteps, my two brothers and I enlisted to serve during our generation's call to duty. One brother is now a police officer, the other a paramedic, and I am now pursuing my Bachelors Degree on the GI Bill.

During my multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan I witnessed true adversity, and true compassion. We were given the opportunity to lead hundreds of young, foreign soldiers into the fight against oppression in their own countries. My friends and I fought corruption, bolstered local governance, instituted police forces, and developed communities. In short, we learned to be effective problem solvers, and that positive change requires hard work and personal sacrifice. Above all, we were reminded daily of how special our country is.

I am running for the Cambridge City Council because these lessons are universal. We as a community don't have the same problems that I dealt with on the other side of the world, but we do deserve the same pragmatic leadership and tireless drive that can make this city work better for everyone. All of the citizens of Cambridge deserve to be heard, and the narrow concerns of the loud few should not drown out the rest.

My wife Erica and I moved across the country to Cambridge with our newborn daughter after I left my career in the military to start my education. What we found here was a community in which we wanted to immediately involve ourselves. This is a unique and special place, and it is currently at an exciting crossroads. We can choose to help Cambridge continue to grow and improve, or we can let our fears overcome our hopes.

I bring a fresh perspective to the table with my strong leadership experience and my personal connection to the issues that young families here are experiencing - whether it's the public school system, the safety of our squares, or the rising cost of living. I'm not one to simply talk about these problems and explain away mediocrity; I'll roll up my sleeves and solve them.

The Council needs more young members with these qualities and intimate connections to the issues. For more information, please visit my website or Facebook.

MY PRIORITIES:Logan Leslie logo

Affordable Living: Cambridge has thrived economically due to our universities and unique character; but this has come at a price. It's harder and harder for family-run business to succeed, and it has become extremely expensive for families to live here. The City Council can build on Cambridge's prosperity by making sure it's something that middle-class families and business owners can partake in. We must simplify a hopelessly complex zoning code and fight off unnecessary regulations that waste our time, money, and potential for progress; and we must maintain our role as a leader in environmental stewardship without rushing into damaging regulation.

Universities: I reject the notion that "Town and Gown" cannot get along. One in five Cambridge residents is a student, and we should encourage them to invest in the city. Repeated attempts have been made by eager young leaders in the student community to plug into the city government, and to work for the community, but the existing Council has failed to facilitate this. We need to allow students to become involved, and together we can work to achieve "One Cambridge".

Education: Cambridge is home to the greatest universities in the world. We should have the greatest public schools too, but sadly this is not the case. We need clearer communication between the School Committee and the Council, and we must cut through red tape to implement innovative solutions for our students. They deserve better, and we can give them better.

We need your #1 vote on November 5th.

We rely on your financial support. Every dollar goes a long way.

If you're a student and want to join the team, check out our fellowship program.

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