Dennis Carlone

Dennis Carlone
2015 Candidate for Cambridge City Council

Home address:
9 Washington Ave - Apt 6
Cambridge, MA 02140

Contact information:
Campaign Hdqtrs: 426 Broadway, Cambridge 02138
Tel: 617-682-0657

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Send checks to 426 Broadway, Cambridge 02138
Payable to "Carlone for Council"

Dennis's experience makes him essential on the City Council. He has worked as a planner, architect, and urban design consultant for 45 years. During that time, he has advised the City of Cambridge and Planning Board, as well as other municipalities and private institutions.

Currently in his first term, Dennis is Co-Chair of the Ordinance Committee, which handles zoning and resulting development impacts. He led the call for a new, citywide Master Plan to more appropriately guide future development. At his urging, the City Council has voted to begin this planning process. Dennis has also advocated for more affordable housing, the preservation and expansion of public open space, and human-scaled buildings that fit within the context of existing neighborhoods and squares. The final version of that Master Plan will come to a vote before the Council in the next term. It is critically important that the Master Plan is community-focused and is the biggest opportunity for the people of Cambridge to change the trajectory of affordability in this city.

As the Chairperson of the Council's Transportation and Public Utilities Committee, Dennis has focused on initiatives to mitigate traffic impacts and promote bicycle and pedestrian safety across the city. As Councillor, he has also stood up for the rights of immigrants, organized labor, and low-income residents. And as a lifelong environmentalist, Dennis has championed many bold sustainability measures, such as the Plastic Bag Ban and the Net Zero Action Plan.

Among the many awards for his work in urban design and planning, is the American Institute of Architects Award for Excellence in Urban Design for the design and implementation of the East Cambridge Riverfront Plan. This project transformed a 40-acre swath of underutilized, decaying land along the Charles River into a thriving, mixed-use community. The project attracted over a billion dollars' worth of investment, earned the early support of the East Cambridge Neighborhood Planning Team and created a 12-acre public open space system, which includes the transformed Lechmere Canal. The same process of integrating neighborhood and development needs into a unified plan can be achieved throughout Cambridge. Dennis continues the same approach managing development as a City Councillor.

Dennis does not accept money from real estate development. He feels that it is inappropriate to take money from businesses and their officers who come before the Council requesting zoning increases. He has returned several checks so far to developers in order to maintain the public trust.

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