Gregg Moree

Gregg Moree
2015 Candidate for Cambridge City Council

Home address:
25 Fairfield St.
Cambridge, MA 02140

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Tel: 617-945-2168

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Gregg Moree for Council
25 Fairfield St.
Cambridge, MA 02140

Hello and WELCOME! My name is Gregg Moree. I grew up on Fairfield Street in North Cambridge and this city has been my home for more than fifty years. From the perspective of a life-long Cambridge resident, I have become increasingly concerned about the priorities of our city government. In particular, the lack of options open for our young people beginning new lives as independent adults.

In November, I will be standing for one of nine seats in the Cambridge City Council. Once I take office I will not rest until we have solutions in place for a better Cambridge. It is possible. Many of the pieces are already in place. We just need more great leadership; which I can help build in Cambridge!

I was born in Cambridge, MA over 50 years ago on Mount Vernon Street, and grew up in North Cambridge. After attending the M. E. Fitzgerald School (now the Peabody School) and then Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School, I went to the North Bennett Trade School, in Boston's North End, for carpentry. I have been a proud Cantabrigian all my life!

On my mother’s side of the family, The Sakey family has a 100 year history in Cambridge. My uncle, Joe Sakey was the former director of the Cambridge Public Library and my mentor. He taught me that are only truly rich when you have given everything away and only truly noble when you serve others. A civic and community activist and entrepreneur, he also served in the Army from 1943 through 1946, Mr. Sakey was involved in military combat throughout Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

In 1952, Mr. Sakey married Shirley Enman. They spent the following year in Trivandrum, India, where Mr. Sakey, appointed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, served as director of the United States Information Library for the State Department. He also served as president of the New England Library Association.

Education - I believe that there should be more opportunities for more youth apprenticeship programs. Companies and developers should have mandatory signed contracts with the city to develop internships for young Cambridge residents.

Jobs & Equal Pay - I support boosting the minimum wage; equal pay for all; enforcing city ordinances on city jobs and linking construction jobs for Cambridge workers to permits and project approval. I support raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Housing - We have to use programs like co-housing to make living in Cambridge more affordable and respectable.

Net Zero - I support Net Zero and I encourage alternative energy for new developments. We have to consider the future and not just profits.

Senior Services - The waiting list for services for our senior citizens is unacceptable; and senior facilities need our help. We must step up and take care of those who took care of us.

Planned Parenthood - I support Planned Parenthood and the right of women everywhere to choose.

Human and Animal Rights - We, and our animal friends, all should have the Freedom to be who we are, and want to be, without fear.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety - Too many people trying to cross the street, or cyclists, are injured or killed on our streets. We have to make our roads safer for everyone.

Integrity - We must bring trust, integrity - and putting people's interests first - back into our Cambridge government.

Lower Taxes - Those on fixed incomes should pay less in taxes.

City Workers - The rights of those employed by the city must be protected.

City Manager - The current city manager position should remain intact.

To learn more about me and the issues I care about, please take a moment to visit my website at:  I am always looking for caring Cambridge voter volunteers to join my campaign. Help build a better Cambridge and sign up today. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will join me on Election Day to make Cambridge #1!

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