Paul F. Mahoney

Paul F. Mahoney
2015 Candidate for Cambridge City Council

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address: 23 Lawn St.
Cambridge, MA 02138

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Mahoney City Council 2015
23 Lawn Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

The Mahoney Family is well rooted within the City of Cambridge. Paul F. Mahoney, Jr. was born in May 1950 at the Cambridge Hospital, and has been a lifelong resident of the City. His late grandfather, Jeremiah Mahoney, was a Cambridge Police Officer and Paul’s late father, Paul Mahoney, Sr., become a Cambridge Firefighter after serving in the US Navy during World War II. He later pursued a career in education becoming principal of the former M.E Fitzgerald School in the early 1970’s. Paul grew up on Lexington Avenue, where his 94 year old Mother continues to reside. Paul purchased a two-family home in the Strawberry Hill Neighborhood of West Cambridge in 1997.

Paul was educated at the Russell School in Cambridge, and later graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology. Paul began his commitment to serving the citizens of Cambridge in August 1975 when he was appointed as a firefighter on the Cambridge Fire Department. Most of his firefighting career was spent at Ladder 3 in Central Square, one of busiest stations in the City. Paul worked tirelessly to secure safe working conditions for all members of the department. Paul recently retired from the fire department as a Lieutenant after nearly 40 years of dedicated service. Paul has been a professor of Fire Science at Bunker Hill Community College for over 15 years and continues his teaching there.

Paul is the father of two children. His daughter, Laura, is a registered nurse with a non-profit hospice agency. His son, Paul (CRLS ’00), is a Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy who is currently deployed in East Africa. Paul also has three grandchildren: Anthony, Julia, & John.

Paul is a lifelong democrat and believes that empowered citizens create a strong community which enhances the lives of every individual. Paul believes in empowering our young citizens with the tools for successful futures in the 21st century. Whether young people are pursuing higher education or entering the work force after high school, there should be available programs for training and personal development. Every young person has talents to offer the community, and as a model city for the Commonwealth and entire country, we should embrace the gifts that our young people can offer. Paul believes that we must restore a strong middle class, which Cambridge was built upon. Too many people have been forced out of Cambridge due to inability to afford housing. We must work collaboratively to ensure that middle class families stay in our city by promoting middle income housing. Paul is also dedicated to assuring that Cambridge is a safe city. Cambridge is fortunate to have exemplary police and fire departments. Communities function best when citizens have confidence in their police and fire departments. Paul knows firsthand the benefits of a well trained public safety department and will work to continue efforts of promoting safety.

Paul joins the 2015 campaign for Cambridge City Council in the hope of restoring transparency in city government. Too many decisions that affect each and every citizen are being done behind closed doors without citizens having their voices heard. These decision making practices lead to negative outcomes and lend to distrusting our elected officials. Paul will hear the concerns of every voter. Paul sincerely promises that no concern or idea will be labeled insignificant, and he will not be silenced by allegiances within the council. This is your city and you must be heard. Your support and #1 vote on Tuesday, November 3rd will be a vote for a better Cambridge and will be greatly appreciated.

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