Dan Lenke

Dan Lenke
2017 Candidate for Cambridge City Council

Home address:
148 Richdale Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140

Contact information:
website: www.danlenke.com
phone: 617-799-9563
email: dan@danlenke.com
Facebook page
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElectDanLenke

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Dan Lenke is a new candidate this year.

Fundamentally happy dynamically engaged joyful father of 3 now grown who loved their wonderfully busy growing up here in Cambridge, in time bringing along 4 delightfully world-creating grandchildren, I am now determined to give back, to save what’s wonderful, and to develop what could be - shall be! - better.

Top Priorities
AffordableHousing, Health, Childcare, Internet, Neighborhood life, Traffic (Sorry, we have at least 20 necessarilly addressed, but I stopped at 5.

Land Use, Planning, Zoning, Density, Envision Cambridge
Cambridge has in too many instances allowed or, in reality, encouraged, more ‘development’ than is, or even could be, honestly beneficial to a good life for our citizens, we who live here. Too much is enough - yes, enough! - already. Let’s ‘take a step back’, ‘take a breath’ to carefully, considerately, fully collaboratively open and honestly DETERMINE FOR AND AMONG OURSELVES

Housing (in general) and Affordable Housing (in particular)
What does affordable mean? How have you been impacted? Is Cambridge life and environment BETTER - from all this BUILDING - than it was 20 years ago? 40 years ago?

Economic Development and Commerce, Retail Viability and Affordability
Yes, of course we want this, but like ice cream, we want QUALITY, AND, the ‘FLAVORS’ WE CHOOSE, NOT WHAT WE SUDDENLY FIND SPRUNG UP, sprung ON us. I say, deliberate - openly, pragmatically, inclusively, AND WITH honestly considered PURPOSE, FIRST. I will advocate STOP inspectional permitingl - except for repairs, and non ‘develpment’ property - UNTIL - and this needn’t take more than a month - we as a city have deliberated and determined just what and how we want our city to be, look, feel, function. Are we - is Cambridge - NOTHING but a laboratory - and an exploitive petri dish (whose inhabitants matter not a whit but0 for our utility toward aggrandizement of, by, and exclusively for the .01%? I’m NOT saying that some functioning as a laboratory for ‘the future’ is bad. No, it may be wonderful. But, can we - oughten’t we - KEEP HUMAN VALUES vibrant and viable as well? As those of us who have raised families, or worked in any dynamic enterprise know: this requires FULL TIME CARE AND ATTENTIVENESS: making our world ‘human’ makes us human! Exactly as, giving love begets love.

Income Inequality, Economic Opportunity
Look, the world pays for marketable fluencies. AND, many come here ALREADY funded orders richer than those they find here. They may seem ‘strangers’ to us, perhaps similar to the meeting of indiginous with ‘settlers’, colonizers. They have resources 10,000 x more than we. So, what do we do? We recognize and respect that the world is diverse. But too, we recognize that, as humans, as Cambridge citizens, we are, and we ought to be, positively equal. Yes the money counts, but moreso, at and deeper and truer level, our COMMON HUMANITY matters. Let’s ‘bake that in’ to EVERY decision, determination, ‘statute’.

Human Services Programs; Youth Programs; Senior Programs
Necessary. Essential. Demand Full Attentiveness.

Human Rights, Civic Unity, Diversity
All true. Diversity! Civil discourse! Human rights to all!

Energy, Waste Reduction, Recycling, the Environment, and Public Health
Encourage solar everywhere! Colaborate with all players to save - and improve! - our - children’s! - grandchildren’s!! - environment. Yes, less is better! And recycling must be fundemental. Like breathing.

Infrastructure: Water & Sewer; Climate-related issues and planning, Resiliency; Municipal Broadband
Planning IS the future, IF we are to take it in hand, INSTEAD of letting it take us for and endless ride - to NOWHERE! Climate - while comprehensive - is in reality, comprehensible: ours to choose. With co-ordinated determination. Of course, water and sewer, as well as air, trucks in the night, and day, busses, oh, yes and stinkpot cars - when sailboat electric is HERE and quicker - and trash/packaging of all sorts, are all causeS for attention and clarifying rectification. And broadband is EASY: public utility: 10x faster @ ½ the cost. And - Neat! - we CAN do this. I will SEE TO IT that Cambridge HAS this, OPERATING. First term!

Traffic, Parking, Transportation, Cycling and Pedestrian Issues
Less WILL BE better! Soon. Because: Let’s municiply initiate a non-profit to administrate uber-like Cambridge unique ride service: for and by Cambridge residents who know ‘Our Town’ completely to distribute all expense and income and benefit among our own citizens. Impressively reducing traffic - even the need for an automobile within Cambridge - by skittering - carefully! - about the city constantly and consistantly. Always nearby. Always busy. And! dimimishing the NEED for parking spaces substantially: opening up parking space for out-of-towners, come to spend their money here.

Dynamic, hard-nosed, ceaseless (confrontations, sorry...) discussions - with all levels of MBTA - to bring the service we need here in Cambridge. And in concert with ALL others within their jurisdiction, poorly - and mis-served.

Too, NO reason university busses can NOT serve the people WHO FUND, whe GAVE THEM the streets they COULDN’T DO AT ALL without making use. Yes, let’s do it. Talk, discuss, agree. Make friendly and helpful!

Open Space, Parks, and Recreation
Yes. More and more!

Municipal Finance
Audit openly available. And SENSIBLE COMPRENHENSIVE - nothing ‘held back’ - DISCUSSION.

Quality of Life, Noise, Public Safety, Accommodation of People with Disabilities
All makes sense.

Civic Participation, Structure and Function of City Council and its committees
Good. Of course, good. Let’s talk about it. And HERE: How about not only ‘Little City Halls’, thoughtfully about the city, like, or even, at scheduled times, IN, libraries, attended by Councilors, City Manager (or deputies), DPW, Police, Election, Education, , , officials, but ALSO, ‘Nano City Halls’ peopled by citizens, hosted in their homes, perhaps pot-lucking, to bring, discuss anything that occasions, moves, inspires them/US.

Government and Elections, Plan E Charter, City Manager
Yes, democracy, governance (even individual lives) must always be up for re-assessment and invention.

Relations and Collaboration between Cambridge, neighboring municipalities, the Commonwealth, regional and federal agencies
Of course. Makes sense. Necessary. CERTAINLY will be fruitful, useful, beneficial. AND with other towns and cities, and in other parts of our great world.

University Relations – Responsibilities, Collaboration
Too long left to spoil. Past time to get to work to get this WORKING. Mutually sure to be for the best.

Arts and Public Celebrations
YES. Let’s have fun. Joy. Edification. Deep and enabling CULTURE. And, yes, even gardening is celebration. We can encourage it to be PUBLIC. Bees, too (WON’T HURT YOU, if we do it right). (Chickens?)

And yes, Native Americans, ALL who came here, EACH celebrated. Foods are good. Also music. Yes!: MUSIC!

Cambridge Public Schools
Whoa! SO MUCH TO DO. But, yes, discuss, REALLY discuss, really INFORMED discussion. TO: GET THESE - sometimes - but potentially FULLY - wonderful schools WORKING FOR OUR KIDS. Working FOR our kids. And parents! And, childcare. Early childhood! NECESSARY. Start yesterday. State goals. Meet. Meet Meet. Meet: MAKE THE SCHOOLS WORK. All - the whole community - WILL BE BETTER SERVED.

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