Elechi Kadete

Elechi Kadete
2019 Candidate for Cambridge School Committee

Home address:
10 Laurel St. #4
Cambridge, MA 02139

Contact information:
Tel: 617-504-1679
website: www.elechi4schoolcommittee.com/
e-mail: ekadete13@gmail.com

Send contributions to:
The Committee to Elect Elechi Kadete
10 Laurel St.
Cambridge MA, 02139

Dear Readers,

My name is Elechi Kadete, and I am a candidate for Cambridge School Committee. I need your Number One vote for School Committee, this coming Election Day, November 5th.

I am running for School Committee so that I can use my skills as a financial analyst and grant administrator to make a difference in the lives of all of our children.

I am passionate about education and want to ensure that our students get the best education that the City of Cambridge can offer. I was a student of Cambridge Public Schools (CPS); I sat in the classrooms, and saw what worked and did not work. Many of the issues that were present when I was in CPS still exist to this day.

For instance, there are lots of children on the pre-k waiting list that are not being served, and literacy and math numbers are concerning. In addition, there is a significant difference in the achievement of students from different socio-economic backgrounds. These issues are especially concerning because of the financial resources available to CPS. As a person who has worked as a financial analyst and grants administrator for many years, I am confident that I can use my skills to address the issues facing CPS by taking a closer look at the budget and addressing the way that the funds are being used.

My Background
I grew up in Cambridge. I attended the then Joseph Maynard School (now Fletcher-Maynard Academy), the Mariah Baldwin School and Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School. For College, I attended Brandeis University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business, with a minor in politics in 2012.

Currently, I work as a Financial Analyst for the Harvard Office of Technology Development. Prior to this role, I worked as a Grants Administrator for WGBH. I volunteer in the community, and have worked with children as a chess coach, basketball coach, and mentor. Through these positions, I have worked with millions of dollars, and have gained skills that could be beneficial for our students. I will bring the skills that I have acquired as a financial analyst and grants administrator to the school committee in order to ensure that the budget & grants available to the school department are prudently managed in a way that maximizes the educational outcomes for each student.

 My Priorities

  • Expanding Early Education Opportunities
  • Free tutoring for every child performing below grade level
  • Free lunch for all students regardless of income
  • Adding Resources to the Innovation Agenda – Upper Schools
  • Expanding the World K-5 Language Immersion Program
  • Raise academic expectations & and analyze IEP evaluations

In Closing
Cambridge is home to world renowned Universities like Harvard and MIT, and with the resources available to CPS, we should also have world renowned public schools. Cambridge currently spends over 25k per year on each student. The school committee needs someone with the educational background and experience to responsibly manage these funds.

I need your Number One Vote on November 5th so that I can use the skills that I have gained as a financial analyst and grants administrator to ensure that our resources, and your tax dollars, are managed in a way that maximizes the potential and educational outcomes for each student. With each student reaching their highest potential, Cambridge can become the top scoring Public School System in the state of Massachusetts.

Elechi Kadete

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