Elechi Kadete

Elechi Kadete
2017 Candidate for Cambridge School Committee

Home address:
10 Laurel St. #4
Cambridge, MA 02139

Contact information:
Tel: 617-504-1679
e-mail: ekadete@brandeis.edu

Send contributions to:
The Committee to Elect Elechi Kadete
10 Laurel St.
Cambridge MA, 02139

Dear Readers,

Who I Am
My name is Elechi Kadete, and I am a candidate for Cambridge School Committee. It is my hope that you will consider giving me your Number One vote for School Committee, this November 7th on election day.

I am running for School Committee because I am passionate about education. I want to help ensure that those that follow get the best education that the City of Cambridge can offer. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, yet in Cambridge, with all its resources, it happens too often.

My Priorities

  • Reviewing and reforming CRLS guidance system
  • Expanding Early Education Opportunities
  • Supporting the recruitment and retainment of high quality teachers of color
  • Expanding the World Language K-5 Language Immersion Program
  • Adding resources to the innovation Agenda – Upper Schools
  • Increased pay for Teachers and Paraprofessionals
  • Closing the Achievement Gap
  • Connecting families and students to the innovation and advancements around the city

Why I Am Running
I am running for School Committee for many reasons. First, I have an insider’s perspective as I am a product of the Cambridge Public Schools (CPS); I sat in the classrooms and saw what worked and did not work. Many of the issues that were present when I was in CPS still persist. Second, I understand the value and significance of education, and work with children in the community as a chess coach, basketball coach, and mentor. Third, because my family matters, I have a nephew who will be entering The Cambridge Public School (CPS) soon.

I have lived in Cambridge almost all my life. I came to Cambridge from Tanzania, East Africa when I was four years old. My entire elementary and high school education was spent in Cambridge. I attended the then Joseph Maynard School (now Maynard-Fletcher Academy), the Mariah Baldwin School and Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School. For College, I attended Brandeis University, a college with a huge international population which fit my Cambridge experience and my background. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a minor in politics in 2012. My experiences at Brandeis, a wonderful research institution, with a diverse student body, an emphasis on language, and fighting for justice for all people inspired me to run for school committee.

I Am Not a Parent … Yet
I want to help ensure that those that follow get the best education that the City of Cambridge can offer. I am not yet a parent, however many of my friends and former classmates are. They want the best education for their children, and I want and will be the voice for them. I recognize that I can make a difference as I am in touch with Cambridge youth. During the summer and school year I coach basketball, chess, and act as a mentor for many young people around the city. I feel blessed that in Cambridge, I was able to attend school with others from various walks of life. My schoolmates were of different races and religions, but we sat in one class and we were friends and remain so today.

In Closing
I would like to see equal opportunity for all Cambridge students as the city spends a large amount of money on each student. Cambridge has the resources, tax base, and location to be the top scoring Public School System in the state of Massachusetts. Cambridge is home to world renowned Universities like Harvard and MIT, and we should also have world renowned public schools.

I ask for your Number One Vote on November 7th, and I promise that as a member of the Cambridge School Committee I will make a difference for the children of Cambridge.

Elechi Kadete

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