Ron Benjamin

Ron Benjamin
2017 Candidate for Cambridge City Council

Home address:
172 Cushing St.
Cambridge, MA 02138

Contact information:
phone: 617-460-7494

Send contributions to:
Committee to Elect Ronald Benjamin
172 Cushing Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Ron Benjamin is a new candidate this year.

Ronald Benjamin is a Candidate for Cambridge City Council who wants to bring new energy and ideas to the Council in order to help Cambridge become more of a connected community. “Ben,” to all who know him, intends to use his political platform to make the voice of everyone matter; including that of the underprivileged.

Ben is proud to call the “People’s Republic of Cambridge,” his home for nearly 18 years. As a man of faith, his “calling” to run for city council stems from the realization that his purpose is to help and serve others in a significant way. Over the years he has come to feel the extraordinary shift in Cambridge’s city dynamics. Neighborhoods have become overshadowed by a growing surplus of big businesses, corporations, chain stores, and large scale commercial and residential developments. This has triggered an affordable housing crisis, increase homelessness, and small business continuity for the city.

He envisions bringing back the sense of belongingness and pride to Cambridge’s neighborhoods that he first experienced when he came to Cambridge in the 1990’s. Seeing his friends, neighbors, and local small business owners move out in droves due to high rent and gentrification, has fueled his desire to be part of the solution to repair or restrain this importunate situation. Ben believes it’s time for the community to become more inclusive and strengthen its bond in addressing these issues. Ben plans to use his political platform for advocating for underserved and underrepresented residents of Cambridge; organizing regular town hall meetings to bring politics to ordinary people. As well as, collaborate with co-council members to help create policies to assist low and mid-income level residents who are unable to afford housing. Additionally, leverage existing programs and policies to greater standards for the betterment of the community as well as their intended demographic.

A proud Haitian-American who grew up in Queens, New York; Ben’s story of arriving to Cambridge started when he was accepted at Harvard University’s Extension School. The events that have led to his campaign run can be attributed to his personal connections while closely working with Cambridge’s vulnerable population. Through his business, ComWell Care, Inc., Ben has long worked with elderly residents in which he has serviced. This has brought him in close contact to the concerns and problems from those who have experienced the deterioration of the community over the decades. Through his experience with working with students at MIT and Harvard, he was successful in breaking the bubble that seems to exist among students while at these schools, by inspiring them in connecting to Cambridge’s community life through outreach activities. The students gained a sense of devotedness in learning more about Cambridge’s surroundings in which they lived and attended school in.

Furthermore, seeing his church’s membership drop in large numbers due to parishioners leaving the city since the onset of the affordable housing crisis; dubbing Cambridge as “one of the region’s most expensive housing markets,” has set in motion the drive to implement change. His personal connections are about bringing to surface the voice of the underserved communities whom have shared their concerns and fears that are often unheard and unseen.

Ben is the founder of ComWell Care, Inc., an entrepreneur who put his years of medical experience to use by starting a Home Healthcare Agency, specializing in geriatric care. He is a long time member of St. Paul’s AME Church, which is an inclusive and very giving community church. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from York College, City University of New York; Master of Science in Public Affairs & International Relations from University of Massachusetts (Boston Campus), and two years of medical school course work from Tufts University School of Medicine and St. Matthew’s University Medical School.

Ben has received many accolades and awards for his tireless work within Cambridge’s thriving community. The following are a few but are not limited to his numerous recognitions. He has been recognized for his worked with The Men’s Health League, a subsidiary of The Cambridge Health Alliance Organization; the Haitian Coalition of Somerville, for promoting advance reading and math skills through their youth summer enrichment program. As well as, St. Paul’s AME Church, as the College Fellowship Director, where he led students from MIT and Harvard University in connecting with the church, along with Cambridge’s vibrant community of Central Square.

Ben pledges to run a transparent and positive campaign, in which new ideas for bringing and connecting Cambridge’s sense of community will be promoted.

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